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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Terian D
Mik'ayel D
Viola Komitas b. 1905 1924 1936 d. 1984
Additional references

Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra [2011-01-28]

Terian D
Mik'ayel D
Viola Komitas b. 1905 1938 1947 d. 1984
Terminaitė Dalia Violin II Kaunas   1981 2013  
Tertis ext Lionel Viola Wessely b. 1876 1901 1901? d. 1975
Problems, questions

It’s not clear that he was an ongoing member of the Quartet.

Tertis Lionel Viola Hambourg b. 1876 1907 d. 1975
Testa Terese Violin II Woodstock    
Tetenbaum Yasmine Viola [Unnamed] (PMTC)    
Tetzlaff Christian Violin I Tetzlaff   1994  
Tetzlaff Tanja Cello Tetzlaff   1994  
Tfirst Péter Violin II Somogyi    
Thacker Linnea Violin I/II Ton Beau   2010 2014  
Thatcher Helen Cello Sorrel    
Theorin Johan Cello Kroger    
Thirion Claire Cello Kerem   200u  
Thirring Zoltán Viola Ramor    
Tholl Andrew Violin I Formalist    
Thomas Geoffrey Cello English [1982]    
Thomas Jacqueline Cello Brodsky   1972  
Thomas Jason Viola Zephyr [1999]    
Thomas Martin Cello Archæus