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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Walasek Wojciech Cello Wilanów   1967 1976  
Waldbauer Imre Violin I Waldbauer-Kerpely b. 1892 1909 1946 d. 1953
Walès Michel Viola Parrenin    
Walker Gregory Violin II [Unnamed] (FWGC)    
Wallenberg James Violin II Transfigured Night    
Wallington Heather Viola Nossek    
Wallisch Leonhard Cello [Unnamed] (KOWW)    
Wallisch Wolfgang Viola [Unnamed] (KOWW)    
Walnicki Brian Viola Lexington    
Walsh Anita Violin I Madawaska   2012 2016  
Walter Anton Cello Fitzner b. 1883 d. 1950
Walter Anton Cello Rosé b. 1883 1921 1930 ca. d. 1950
Walters Ashley Cello Formalist    
Walther Annette Violin II Signum   1994  
Walther Geraldine Viola Takács b. 1950 2005  
Walton Kirkwood Linda Viola Tremont    
Wan Andrew Violin I [Unnamed] (WCMM)    
Wan Andrew Violin I/II New Orford b. 1983 2009  
Wang Felix Cello Blair    
Wang Marie Violin II Avalon