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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Tree Michael Viola Guarneri b. 1934 1964 2009 d. 2018
Trepel Shirley Cello Shepherd b. 1924 1975 1982?  
Tress Amy Violin I Solem    
Tress Stephanie Cello Solem    
Tressel Willard Violin II Griller   1961 1962  
Trickey Sara Violin I Bronte    
Trickey Sara Violin I Rossetti Ensemble    
Triplet Marie Viola Stanislas    
Trkulja Đorđe Violin I Zagreb b. 1949 1977 1987  
Trostyanskiy D
Alexandr D
Violin I Shostakovich   2011 2011  
Troupin Edward Viola [Unnamed] (OLTL)    
Troy Jessica Viola Meridian    
Truby Ryan Violin II [Unnamed] (FTDG)    
Trudeau ext Julie Cello Molinari   2000 2007  
Additional references

Ensemble Transmission [2011-04-08]

Trümpler Eric Cello Athenæum Quartet (Mannheim)    
Truscott Matthew Violin II Dante    
Trushin D
Vyacheslav D
Viola Moscow Chamber Orchestra    
Trusler John Violin II English [1982]    
Trusler John Violin II Quartet of London    
Trusler John Violin II Delmé   1986