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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Weissgärber Max Violin II Fitzner b. 1886 1894 189u d. 1951
Weithaas Antje Violin I Arcanto   2002  
Welbanks Valerie Cello Ligeti b. 1984 2010  
Weller Ira Viola Mendelssohn   1979 1988 ca.  
Wellington Christopher Viola Amici b. 1930  
Wellington Christopher Viola Rasumovsky [1984]    
Wells David Cello Hartt b. 1927 d. 2012
Wellström Torleif Violin I Norrköping   1934  
Wendt Charles Cello Iowa    
Wenham Rebecca Cello Cecilia   2004 2010  
Werani Klaus-Peter Viola Auritus    
Werner ext Max Cello Gaudeamus b. 1928 1963 d. 2010
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Werner-Helfenstein Hanna Viola Sarastro   2001  
Wessely Hans Violin I Wessely b. 1862 1901 ca. 1916 ca. d. 1926
Westberg Hans-Erik Violin II Fresk b. 1936 1969  
Westlund Robert Viola Yggdrasil    
Westphal Hanns-Joachim Violin I Westphal b. 1930 1958  
Wetherbee Charles Violin I Carpe Diem   2005  
Wexler Dory Violin II Romanian Radio    
Wheeler Lawrence Viola Lyric Art