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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Schonbach Sanford Viola [Unnamed] (SRSR)    
Schou Allan Violin II Musica-Vitalis b. 1926 1955  
Schradieck ext Henry Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1846 1874 1882 d. 1918

Alternated with Engelbert Röntgen, 1874–82

Schram Nathan Viola Attacca   2015  
Schranz Károly Violin II Takács b. 1952 1975  
Schrecker Bruno Cello Allegri   1967 1998  
Schreiber Susan Viola Adrian Symphony    
Schröder ext Alwin Cello Gewandhaus b. 1855 1881 1884 d. 1928

Alternated with Julius Klengel, 1881–84, playing in the group with 1st violinist Henry Schradieck, then Henri Petri

Schröder Carl Cello Gewandhaus b. 1848 1874 1881 d. 1935
Schröder Hans-Erich Viola Leonardo    
Schröder Alwin Cello Gewandhaus b. 1855 1884 1891 d. 1928
Schroeder Amy Violin I Attacca    
Schroeder Jaap Violin II Netherlands    
Schröter Karl-Heinz Cello German State Opera (Berlin)    
Schuhmayer Peter Violin I Artis (Vienna)   1980  
Schulman Louise Viola Wellesley Composers Conference    
Schulte Michael Violin I Canadian Composers’    
Schulz Gerhard Violin II Alban Berg b. 1951 1978 2008  
Schumann Erik Violin I Schumann b. 1982 2007  
Schumann Ken Violin II Schumann   2007