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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Giovaninetti Christophe Violin I Ysaÿe [1984]   1984 1995  
Giron Claude Cello Arcana    
Girunyan D
Nikolay D
Cello Novosibirsk Filarmonica    
Gisler Jakob Cello Adamas   2007  
Giuranna Bruno Viola Végh   1978  
Givskov Tutter Violin I Copenhagen [1957] b. 1930 1957 1994  
Gjelsten Rolf Cello New Zealand   1994  
Glaser Ernst Violin I Oslo Philharmonic Society b. 1904 1928 d. 1979
Glaß Günter Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1938 1962 1977  
Glassl ext Roland Viola Mandelring b. 1972 1999  
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Roland Glassl’s website

Glick Jacob Viola Beaux Arts b. 1926 d. 1999
Glick Jacob Viola Contemporary    
Glick Jacob Viola Tarack    
Glickman Harry Violin II Stuyvesant b. 1910 1940 1941 d. 1996
Glyde Cyril Viola Hart House b. 1904 1944 1946 d. 1982
Glyde Judith Cello Manhattan [1968]   1968 1992  
Glyde Rosemary Viola Manhattan [1968] b. 1948 1976 1978  
Gmelin Bernhard Cello [Unnamed] (GMZG)    
Gneuss [Unknown] Violin II [Unnamed] (WGSZ)    
Gocan Andrei Violin II Brodowski   200u 2007