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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Dvonch Frederick Violin I [Unnamed] (DKNN)    
Dvonch Frederick Violin II Kreiner   1934 1934  
Dvořák Jakub Cello Czech Philharmonic   2000  
Dyachkov D
Yegor D
Cello Arthur LeBlanc    
Dyke Spencer Violin I Spencer Dyke b. 1880? d. 1946
Dyke Spencer Violin II Wessely b. 1880 1901 ca. 1916 ca. d. 1946
Dymiotis Theophanis Violin I Dymiotis b. 1965 d. 2007
Dziuryn Halyna Violin I Sunrise    
d’Almeida Anne Victorina Violin II Lopes-Graça b. 1978  
Eanet Nicholas Violin I Juilliard b. 1972 ca. 2009 2011  
Eanet Nick Violin I Mendelssohn    
Eaton Stewart Viola Auryn   1981  
Eberl Carl Viola Beaux Arts    
Eccles James Viola The NOISE    
Eckert Carl Viola Gewandhaus b. 1820 1839 1841 d. 1879
Eckert Erika Viola Cavani    
Eddy Timothy Violin II New York [19uu]    
Eddy Timothy Cello Orion    
Edel Oliver Cello Róth b. 1906 d. 2005
Edel Oliver Cello Stanley b. 1906 1948 1961 d. 2005