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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Davies Ceridwen Viola Silo    
Davies Ioan Cello Fitzwilliam b. 1950 1968 1986  
Davis Howard Violin II Alberni b. 1940 1961? 1968 d. 2008
Davis Howard Violin I Alberni b. 1940 1968 2005 d. 2008
Davisson Walther Violin II Rebner    
Dawes Andrew Violin I Orford b. 1940 1965 1991  
Dawes Andrew Violin I Tōkyō b. 1940 1995 1996  
Dawkins Patrick Violin I Grove   2008 2010  
Dawkins Patrick Violin II Ligeti b. 1987 2010  
Dawson David Viola Coolidge [19uu]    
Dawson David Viola Gordon    
Dawson Hannah Violin II Sacconi   2001  
Dayan Sarah Violin I Voce   2004 200u  
Dayan Sarah Violin I/II Voce   200u  
Dazarte Gerda Violin II ReDo   2006  
de Carné F. Cello Capelle    
de Clerck Paul Viola Royal Theatre of the Mint    
de Groot Frank Violin II Dufy    
de Groot Frank Violin I Doelen   1993  
de Groote Philip Cello Chilingirian b. 1949 1971 2013 d. 2018