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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Radisse Lucienne Cello Pascal    
Radom Naomi Violin I Spring    
Rafn Gerhard Violin II Copenhagen [1919] b. 1891 1919? d. 1941
Rafn Gerhard Violin I Rafn b. 1891 1926 d. 1941
Ragaz Christine Violin II Bern    
Rahier Albert Violin II Pro Arte b. 1894? 1943 1960 d. 1983
Rahkonen Jorma Violin I Voces Intimæ    
Raidmets Terje Violin II Estonian Music Days    
Raikhlin Liah Violin II Carmel b. 1981 2005?  
Raimi Fred Cello Ciompi   1974  
Raimondi Matthew Violin II New Music b. 1928  
Raimondi Matthew Violin I [Unnamed] (RCIB)    
Raimondi Matthew Violin I [Unnamed] (Ruuu)    
Raimondi Matthew Violin I Composers b. 1928 1965  
Raiskin Daniel Viola Utrecht    
Rajamets Terje Violin II [Unnamed] (TREK)    
Ramakrishnan Raman Cello Dædalus   2000 201u  
Ramírez Anabel Violin I/II Apollo Chamber Players    
Ramor Ervin Violin I Ramor    
Randalu ext Liisa Viola Schumann   2012  
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