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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Ovens Raymond Violin II Purcell b. 1932 1968 1970  
Owen Elenid Violin II Ludwig   1990  
Owen Larry Violin I [Unnamed] (OLTL)    
Owen Patrick Cello Portland   2015  
Owens Emma Viola Montague    
Ozoliņš Pēteris Cello ReDo b. 1987 2006  
O’Brien Jack Violin II Griller b. 1909 1928 1960  
O’Malley Rohana Violin II Huon    
O’Neill Richard Viola Crowley    
O’Neill Richard Viola Ehnes   2010  
O’Reilly Brendan Violin II Gabrieli b. 1934 1969  
O’Riordan Julia Viola Tippett    
Pacey Prunella Viola Camilli    
Pacey Prunella Viola Allegri   1977 1981  
Pacey Prunella Viola Mondriaan   1982  
Paciorkiewicz Artur Viola Wilanów   1967 1976  
Paďourek Zbyněk Viola Kocian   1993 ca.  
Paďourek Zbyněk Viola Martinů   2009  
Paeff Spinoza Viola York    
Page Raymond Viola Alard