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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Becker Guillaume Viola Voce   2005  
Becker ext Julie Artzt Violin I/II Motýl    
Problems, questions

Position to be confirmed

Beckert Philipp Violin I TECC    
Bédard Marie Violin II Accordes    
Bednarz Frédéric Violin II Molinari   2007 2018  
Beem David Cello Euclid   2007 2009  
Beeston Jessica Viola Edinburgh   2011 2014  
Beeston Michael Viola Edinburgh   1971 2011  
Beia Suzanne Violin I Fairmont    
Beia Suzanne Violin II Pro Arte   1995  
Beilman Douglas Violin II New Zealand   1989 2015  
Beinarytė D
Karolina Violin I Kaunas   2003  
Beinema Eelco Cello Huygens b. 1962  
Beková Andrea Violin I Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)    
Bel'skaya D
Nina D
Viola Prokof'ev    
Belcea D
Corina Violin I Belcea b. 1975 1994  
Belcher Richard Cello Ensō   1999  
Belden David Violin II Ad hoc    
Belding Andrea Violin II [Unnamed] (CBBH)    
Beldman Winnyfred Cello Ruysdael   1996 2005