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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lonca Dominique Violin II Debussy   1990 2001  
Long Andy Violin I New World [uuuu]    
Long ext Emily Violin I/II Sydney Omega Ensemble    
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Long Zoe Cello New World [uuuu]    
Loo Timothy Cello Lyris    
López Emmanuel Cello Harrington    
López Fabián Violin I Carlos Chávez   201u  
López Yunior Viola Annex   2008  
Lorentz Robin Violin I New Century Players    
Lorenz Karen Viola Athena   1999 2002  
Łosakiewicz Paweł Violin II Wilanów b. 1947 1967  
Lotsberg Geir Inge Violin I Oslo   1991  
Louon Marcel Cello Gertler    
Lovell Keith Viola Dartington   1958  
Lovell Keith Viola Allegri   1981 1988  
Lovett Martin Cello Hurwitz    
Lovett Martin Cello Amadeus b. 1927 1947 1987  
Lowbury Miriam Cello Bingham    
Lowe Malcolm Violin I Gould   1992 1993  
Lowndes-Northcott Lydia Viola Tippett   2012