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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Knight David Cello [Unnamed] (FGBK)    
Knighton Zoë Cello [Unnamed] (SPVK)    
Knighton ext Zoë Cello Flinders   2000  
Additional references


Knörzer Ulrich Viola Mannheim    
Knox Garth Viola Ensemble Intercontemporain    
Knox Garth Viola Arditti b. 1956 1990 1997  
Knudsen Reidar Violin II Danish [1950 ca.]   1950 ca.  
Knudsen Sato Cello Hawthorne    
Knudson Clarence Violin II Chardon b. 1903 d. 1996
Ko Hyunsu Violin II Biava    
Kobayashi Hibiki Violin I Arthur LeBlanc   1992?  
Kobayashi Hideko Viola Sonare    
Kobayashi Sachiko Violin I Lotus    
Kober Friedemann Violin II Joachim    
Kobilyanskiy D
Arnold D
Violin II Moscow Chamber Orchestra    
Problems, questions

The family name is frequently misprinted as Kobyhyansky but is also indicated as Kobïlenskiy (Кобыленский).

Kobori Barna Violin II Aron b. 1965 1998  
Koch Barbara Viola [Unnamed] (SGKB)    
Koch Edwin Cello Benthien    
Koch Emmanuel Violin II Liège    
Koch Friederike Viola Nomos