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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Hyams Harry Viola Forum    
Hyland Alice Cello Grove   2006 2008  
Hyland Sonia Violin I Petra    
Hylberg Olle Viola [Unnamed] (CGHG)    
Hylbom J Violin II Stockholm [1928]   1928  
Hylbom Olle Viola Prime    
Hylkema Nynke Violin II Ruysdael   1996 2003  
Hyun Katie Violin I/II Amphion    
Høeberg Ernst Cello [Unnamed] (SMMH)    
Høeberg Georg Violin I Høeberg b. 1872 d. 1950
Iarca Dan Viola Enesco   1979 1980 d. 2002
Iarca Dan Viola Enesco   1989 2002 d. 2002
Ibbotson Philippa Violin I Flesch    
Ibbotson Philippa Violin II Lyric    
Ichinose Joe Viola [Unnamed] (LKIC)    
Ideler Edwin Violin II Lenox [192u?]    
Iglitzin Alan Viola Philadelphia    
Ignatius Anja Violin I Helsinki    
Ignatius Jouko Violin II Helsinki    
Ikeda Kikuei Violin II Tōkyō b. 1947 ca. 1974 2013