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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Charisius Isabel Viola Alban Berg b. 1970 2005 2008  
Charleson Elizabeth Violin II Vanbrugh   1985 1998  
Charlier Claire Violin II Verdi    
Charpentier Marcel Violin II Parrenin    
Chase Roger Viola Quartet of London    
Chau ext Paul Viola Colorado   1976 197u  
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Communication from Katie Schlaikjer, 2013-07-03

Chawner Thomas Viola Orava    
Cheifetz Hamilton Cello Third Angle New Music Ensemble    
Chemin-Petit Hans Cello Bruinier b. 1902 d. 1981
Chen Che-Hung Viola Dædalus   2000 2001?  
Chen Shane Violin I/II Flinders   2013 2015  
Chen Shane Violin I Flinders   2015 2017  
Chen ext Shih-Lin Cello Borealis   2006 2012  
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LinkedIn (Japan) [2015-12-16]

Chen Yinlai Violin II Gong    
Chenoweth Jonathan Cello Faber    
Cherkashina D
Elena D
Violin II Tver' Philharmonic    
Chernyavskiy D
David D
Violin II St. Petersburg b. 1978 2002 2005  
Cheung Alissa Violin II Enterprise    
Cheung Alissa Violin I/II Bozzini   2015  
Chevalier Franck Viola Diotima b. 1973 1997