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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Smuckler Laurie Violin I Mendelssohn    
Smyła Adam Viola Penderecki   1986 1991  
Snow Meredith Viola Colorado   1980 1982  
Snyder Ross Violin I Tesla   2008  
Soboleva D
Galina D
Cello Prokof'ev    
Soboleva D
Galina D
Cello Tver' Philharmonic    
Socher Barry Violin I Armadillo    
Söderblom Jan Violin I New Helsinki    
Soëtens Robert Violin II [Unnamed] (MSSD) b. 1897 d. 1997
Sohler Helmut Cello Buchberger    
Sokol Mark Violin I Concord b. 1946 1971 1987 d. 2014
Sokol Vilem Viola University of Washington b. 1915 1948? d. 2011
Solberg Anastasia Viola [Unnamed] (CSSS)    
Solberg Cush Cello [Unnamed] (CSSS)    
Soler [Unknown] Viola [Unnamed] (BNSA)    
Solodchin Galina Violin II Delmé   1967 1976  
Solodchin Galina Violin I Delmé   1976  
Solomon Stanley Viola Modern Art (Canada) b. 1917 d. 2015
Solomon Stanley Viola Parlow b. 1917 1946 1958  
Solomonow Rami Viola DePaul