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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Przybyłowska Elwira Violin II Royal    
Ptáček Jindřich Cello Jan Becher    
Pucher David Violin II Dominion    
Puffler Helmuth Violin II Vienna   1966 1977  
Pulford Paul Cello Penderecki   1990 2003  
Purdue Eugene Violin I Thouvenel    
Purga Paul Viola [Unnamed] (KZPT)    
Purga Paul Viola [Unnamed] (LKPT)    
Purger Bohuslav Violin I Novák    
Puusaari Maria Violin I Uusinta    
Pyne Roger Violin II Euler    
Quaife Edwin Viola Spencer Dyke    
Quan Linda Violin I Atlantic    
Queisser Carl Traugott Viola Gewandhaus b. 1800 1827 ca. 1839 d. 1846
Queyras Jean-Guihen Cello Arcanto   2002  
Quiggle David Viola Casals b. 1968 1999  
Quinet ext Fernand Cello Pro Arte b. 1898 1916? 1922 d. 1971
Problems, questions

He may have played in the Quartet beginning in 1918.

Additional references

He indicates his birth date in a letter dated 1913-12-02, reprinted in van Malderen 1998.

Quinn David Viola Molinari   2002  
Quint Sherry Violin II Adrian Symphony    
Raab Emil Violin I Čadek b. 1920 d. 2004