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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Markovitch Yovan Cello Ysaÿe [1984]   2005 2014  
Markowicz Marcin Violin II Lutosławski b. 1979  
Marks Jethro Viola [Unnamed] (WCMM)    
Marks Sonja-Maria Violin II Nomos    
Marleyn Paul Cello [Unnamed] (HSSM)    
Marleyn Paul Cello [Unnamed] (WCMM)    
Marlowe Judith Violin II Amado    
Marneff Jules Cello Touche    
Marrocco Thomas Violin II Róth    
Marsh George Violin I Potomac    
Marsh ext Peter Violin I Lenox [1957]   1957 1981  
Additional references

University of Southern California [2011-07-06]

Martens Johannes Cello [Unnamed] (NYRM)    
Martens Wilhelm Violin II German State Opera (Berlin)    
Martigné Guillaume Cello Psophos b. 1979  
Martignoni Jean-Philippe Cello Parisii   1981  
Martin Alan Violin II Beaux Arts    
Martin Caerwen Cello Silo   1998  
Martin Christopher Violin II Rangzen    
Martín Iván Viola Bretón    
Martin Lois Viola Atlantic