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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Horácio Schaeffer Viola Amazônia    
Höricht Andreas Viola Modern   1983  
Horne Ashley Violin I/II Son Sonora    
Horner Jerry Viola Vermeer b. 1935 1980 ca. d. 2019
Horner Jerry Viola Fine Arts b. 1935 1980 2000 d. 2019
Horton Anne Violin II Australian   2007 2013  
Horváth Jozef Violin I Slovak [1999]    
Hosoda Chikako Violin II Tana   2010 2014  
Hosprová Jitka Viola Bennewitz   1998  
Howley Don Cello Paul McDermott    
Howley Don Cello Queensland State   1944 1948  
Hoxie Jonathan Viola Pinehurst Chamber Ensemble    
Höylä Veikko Cello Segerstam b. 1935  
Höylä Veikko Cello Voces Intimæ    
Hoyle Ted Cello Kohon    
Hu Nai-Yuan Violin I OK Mozart Chamber Music Ensemble    
Huang Chin-Ting Viola Pacific (Vienna)    
Huang Frank Violin I Ying b. 1978 2009 2010  
Huang Hsin-Yun Viola Fred Sherry    
Huang Hsin-Yun Viola [Unnamed] (KKHS)