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Composers & compositions

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Duration in minutes: A 0–10 B 10–20 C 20–30 D 30–50 E 50–80 F 80–130 G 130+
Family name Given name Life dates Residence Began Notes  
Kalsons Romualds b. 1936
Latvia 1936
Kam ext Dennis 1942–2018
USA 1942
  M P R
Problems, questions

Further residences to be determined

Additional references

Biljana Milovanović’s DMA thesis, University of Miami [2012-10-03]

Kanajan A
Chatschatur A
b. 1971
USSR 1971
Germany (Democratic Republic) 198u

Born in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

Kane U Mike  
USA 198u
Canada 1990
  M P R
Kaprálová U Vítězslava 1915–1940
Moravia 1915
France 1937
  M P R
Kardonne U Tova b. 1980
Canada 1980
France 2002
Canada 2003
  M P
Karkoff Maurice 1927–2013
Sweden 1927
  M P
Kasemets Udo 1919–2014
Estonia 1919
Canada 1951
Kats-Chernin A
Elena A
b. 1957
Uzbekistan 1957
Russia 1972?
Australia 1975
Germany (Federal Republic) 1981
Australia 1994
  M P R
Problems, questions

The chronological order of the compositions is to be determined, and a few may not have been written for string quartet.

Katzer U Georg b. 1935
Germany 1935
Czechoslovakia 19uu
Germany (Democratic Republic) 19uu
  M P
Kauder U Hugo 1888–1972
Moravia 1888
Austria 1905
Netherlands 1938
USA 1940
  M R
Kaun Hugo 1863–1932
Germany 1863
USA 1887
Germany 1902
Kay ext Ulysses 1917–1995
USA 1917
[Unknown] 1947
USA 1948
Italy 1949
USA 1952?
  M P
Additional references

AfriClassical [2011-06-02]

Kazhlaev Murad b. 1931
USSR 1931

Born in the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic

Keay U Nigel b. 1955
New Zealand 1955
France 1998
  M P R
Keller ext Homer 1915–1996
USA 1915
Additional references

Homer Todd Keller Library, Eastman School of Music [2014-02-17]

Keller ext Kevin b. 1967
USA 1967
  M P R
Additional references

Communication from the composer, 2016-01-12

Keller Stefan b. 1974
Switzerland 1974
Germany 200u
  M P
Kelly ext Robert 1916–2007
USA 1916
Additional references

Sousa Archives and Center for American Music [2016-03-25]

Kelterborn U ext Rudolf b. 1931
Switzerland 1931
  M R
Problems, questions

Further residences to be determined

Additional references

Swiss Music Information Centre [2014-02-09]