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Compositions by Jennifer Higdon

9 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Autumn’s Cricket 1987 C Lawdon Press


Dooryard Bloom 2013?

Text by Walt Whitman; adaptation of the composer’s own music

Includes: Baritone
Voices 1993 B

Lawdon Press

Commissioned by:

Philadelphia Chamber Music Society

Dedicated to / written for:

Pacifica Quartet

Sky Quartet 1997 C Lawdon Press

Revised in 2000

Commissioned by: Da Vinci Quartet; Frances Hettinger
Impressions 2003 C Lawdon Press  
Commissioned by: Cypress Quartet
Southern Harmony 2003 B Lawdon Press  
Commissioned by: Hanson Institute for American Music
Amazing Grace 2003 A Lawdon Press  
An Exaltation of Larks 2005 B Lawdon Press  
Commissioned by: Tōkyō Quartet; Arizona Friends of Chamber Music; Charles M. Peters and his wife
In the Shadow of Sirius 201u

Text by William Stanley Merwin

Includes: Soprano
Commissioned by:

Cypress Quartet; National Endowment for the Arts