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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Zapf Susanne Violin I Sonar    
Zapf Susanne Violin II Sonar    
Zapf Susanne Violin I/II Kairos   2007 2008  
Zaslav ext Bernard Viola Kohon b. 1926 1959 1964 d. 2016
Additional references

Fine Arts Quartet Records, 1910–1989 (Archives Department, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee)

Zaslav ext Bernard Viola Composers b. 1926 1965 1968 d. 2016
Additional references

Sorkin 1989

Zaslav Bernard Viola Fine Arts b. 1926 1968 1980 d. 2016
Zaslav Bernard Viola Vermeer b. 1926 1980 ca. 1985 ca. d. 2016
Zaslav Bernard Viola Stanford [1984] b. 1926 1985 ca. d. 2016
Zavadilík ext Vítězslav Violin II Janáček [1947] b. 1951 1994  

He joined the quartet at the beginning of 1994.

Zavelberg Irmgard Violin I/II Rubin   1992  
Zavelberg Ulrike Cello Rubin    
Zazofsky Peter Violin I Muir   1987  
Zeavin Carol Violin II Columbia    
Zeavin Carol Violin II Group for Contemporary Music    
Zeavin Carol Violin II [Unnamed] (MZMF)    
Zedeler ext Nils Cello Aulin   1900 1903?  

Alternated with Carl Lindhe

Zedníček Jiří Cello Kubín b. 1952 1977  
Zehetmair Thomas Violin I Zehetmair b. 1961 1997?  
Zeigler ext Jeffrey Cello Corigliano   1998? 2004?  
Additional references

New Music Box [2013-01-30]

Zeigler Jeffrey Cello Kronos b. 1973 2005 2013