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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Bormann Katherine Violin II New Fromm Players    
Börner Claudia Violin I Berlin Comic Opera    
Borodin D
Roman D
Violin I Tver' Philharmonic    
Borodkin Herbert Viola Lenox [192u?]    
Borovik D
M. D
Violin II Moscow Philharmonic    
Borre Niels Viola Rafn b. 1897 1926 d. 1960
Borre Niels Violin II Leo Hansen b. 1897 1943 1953 d. 1960
Borsarello Jacques Viola Loewenguth   1983  
Boruvka Nicola Violin II [Unnamed] (GBML)    
Borys Roman Cello YYZ    
Borys Roman Cello [Unnamed] (SPHB)    
Bosetti Michael Violin I Clinton    
Boshev D
Emil D
Violin II Dimov    
Bosse Gerhard Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1922 1955 1977 d. 2012
Botvay Károly Cello New Budapest    
Botvay Károly Cello Bartók   1960 1976  
Boud Sally Viola Australian   2007 2011  
Boufil Paul Cello Arcana    
Bougamont Sidonie Violin I/II Isasi    
Bourrié Aimé Cello Provence