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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Goldensher Rona Violin I Windermere   2005  
Goldner Richard Viola Musica viva (Sydney) b. 1908 d. 1991
Gollo Simón Violin I Dalí   2012  
Gómez Ítalo Cello Società cameristica italiana    
Gomolka Józef Cello Silesian   1978 1983  
Gong Hanxiang Violin I Gong   1986  
González Rubén Violin I Shepherd   1981 ca. 1982?  
Goodchild Mary Cello Macnaghten    
Goodman Bernard Violin II Walden b. 1914 1934 1974 d. 1999
Goodman Mildred Violin II McGill b. 1922 1942 1944  
Goodman Mildred Violin II Montreal [1955] b. 1922 1955 1963  
Gordon Gabriel Violin II DaPonte   1991 1996 ca.  
Gordon Jacques Violin I Gordon b. 1897 1921 d. 1948
Gordon Joshua Cello Group for Contemporary Music    
Gordon Joshua Cello Lydian   2002  
Gordon Valerie Violin II [Unnamed] (SGBM)    
Goren D
Eli Violin I Allegri b. 1923 1953 1968 d. 2000
Gorevic Ronald Viola Chester    
Gorodetzky Jac Violin II Guilet b. 1913 d. 1955