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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Kirshbaum Morris Cello American University    
Kirstein Jack Cello LaSalle b. 1921 1955 1975 d. 1996
Kiss András Violin I New Budapest b. 1943  
Kiss László Violin II Sydney   1983  
Kiss-Domonkos Judit Cello [Unnamed] (NSHK)    
Kitahama Reiko Violin II Ravel    
Kitchen Nicholas Violin I [Unnamed] (KKHS)    
Kitchen Nicholas Violin I Borromeo   1989  
Kitzis Gregor Violin II [Unnamed] (AKGE)    
Kitzis Gregor Violin I [Unnamed] (KCFE)    
Kivioja Saija Violin II [Unnamed] (KKKV)    
Kjeldsen Eivind Sand Violin II Erling Bloch b. 1928 1958 1967  
Kjellström ext Sven Violin I Kjellström b. 1875 1911 d. 1950
Additional references

Communication from Krister Persson, 2013-12-17

Kjær Esben Viola [Unnamed] (RNKN)    
Klabík Bohumil Viola Hába (1946)    
Kleijer Karsten Viola Matangi    
Klein Edith Violin II [Unnamed] (WKMH)    
Klein Emil Cello Sonare    
Klein Hannah Viola Athena    
Klein Irving Cello Claremont