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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Gattozze Michael Violin II Čadek    
Gavilán Ilmar Violin I Dalí   2004 2005  
Gavilán Ilmar Violin I Harlem   2006  
Gearhart Fritz Violin I Chester   1998?  
Gebauer Michael Violin II Franz Schubert (Vienna) b. 1951 1978? 1983  
Geber David Cello American   2002?  
Gebler Hermann Viola [Unnamed] (HKGH)    
Gehlert Belinda Violin I/II Zephyr [1999]    
Geist Judy Viola Audubon b. 1951 1975 1976  
Geller D
Mikhail D
Viola Glinka    
Gemrotová Kateřina Violin II Pavel Haas b. 1983 2002  
Gendreau Nicole Viola Margand    
Gendron ext Emilie-Anne Violin I Momenta b. 1984  
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Genet Patrick Violin I Sine Nomine    
Genetay Claude Cello [Unnamed] (GLBG)    
Génetay Claude Cello Grünfarb b. 1917 1950 d. 1992
Genualdi Joseph Violin I Muir   1979 1985  
Genualdi Joseph Violin I Chicago   1995  
Genzel Franz Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1901 1941 1945 d. 1968
George Alan Viola Fitzwilliam   1968