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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  

City and organization of origin

Bulgaria 2002?

Maurice Solway (1906–2001), founding 1st violinist

Canada 1947
19uu M R
Somogyi U

presumably Péter Somogyi, founding 1st violinist

Hungary 1997
  M R
Son Sonora  
  M R
  M R
Germany (Federal Republic) 1980
  M R
Sorrel       M R R
Southwest Chamber Music

Region of origin (in the USA)

USA 1987
  M R
Spektral U H

Sound and colour spectra

USA 2009
  M T R R
Spencer Dyke

Spencer Dyke (1880?–1946), founding 1st violinist

England 192u
  M R

Spīķeri Concert Hall

Latvia 2011
  M R

Elie Spivak (1902–60), founding 1st violinist, presumably

Canada 1951
1956? M T R
Spring       M R
St. Helens U

Pacific Northwest, USA

USA 2004
  M R R
St. Lawrence U H

St. Lawrence River and Seaway

Canada 1989
USA 1990
  M T R R
St. Petersburg U A

City of origin

Russia 1985
USA 1997
  M T R
Stadler U

Frank Stadler, founding 1st violinist ?

Austria 1992
  M R
Stamic U A

Jan Stamic (Johann Stamitz) (1717–57), composer

Czechoslovakia 1985
  M T R R
Stanford [1984]

School of origin

USA 1984
1997? M R R
Stanislas U

Stanisław Leszczyński (1677–1766), King of the Polish-Lithuanian Union and Duke of Lorraine

France 1984
  M R R