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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  

Hanxiang Gong, founding 1st violinist, presumably

Belgium 1986
  M R
Gordon H

Jacques Gordon (1897–1948), founding 1st violinist

USA 1921
  M R R
Gothenburg A

City of origin

Sweden 1996 ca.
  M R

Regionmusiken på Gotland (Gotland Regional Music)

Sweden 1974
2002 M R
Gould A
Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould (1932–82), pianist

Canada 1992
1993 M T R
Grainger [2006] H

Percy Grainger (1882–1961), composer

Australia 2006
2009 M T R
Grant Street U

Street in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

USA 2010
  M R

Country of origin

  M R

Richard Greene (b. 1942), founder

  M R R
Griller H

Sidney Griller (1911–93), founding 1st violinist

Great Britain 1928
USA 1948
1963 M T R R
Group for Contemporary Music


USA 1962?
1992? M R R
Groupe instrumental de Paris

City of origin

  M R
Grove H

Magdalen Grove, Oxford University, England

England 2006
2010 M T R
Sweden 1950
  M R
Guarneri H

A former German quartet of the same name; David Soyer’s barber

USA 1964
2009 M T R

Daniel Guilet (1899–1990), founding 1st violinist

USA 1942?
  M R
Hába (1946)  
  M R R
Hába (1984)

Alois Hába (1893–1973), composer

Germany (Federal Republic) 1984
  M R

Family whose members started the quartet. The Hagens played together in a quartet at least as early as the mid-1970s.

Austria 1981
  M T R R
Hambourg H

Family name of Jan Hambourg (1882–1947), founding 1st violinist, and Boris Hambourg (1885–1954), founding cellist

England 1907
1910 M T