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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
  M R

School of origin

USA 1927?
  M R R
Cypress U

Cypresses (Cypřiše), by Antonín Dvořák

USA 1996
2016 M T R R
Czapáry       M T R

Country of origin

Czech Philharmonic U A
České filharmonické

Organization of origin

Czech Republic 2000
  M T R
Da Kappo  
  M R R
Dædalus U H

Dædalus, mythical inventor and artist

USA 2000
  M T R R
Dafô U  
Poland 1993
  M R

Region of origin

USA 1978
  M R
Dalí U H

Salvador Dalí (1904–89), artist

USA 2004
  M T R
Dallas H

City of origin, presumably

  M R
Danel U  
Belgium 1991
  M R R
Danish [1950 ca.]

Country of origin

Denmark 1950 ca.
  M R R
Danish [1986] H

Country of origin

Denmark 1986
1996 M R R
Danish [2001] U

Country of origin

Denmark 2001
  M R
Dante U

Dante Alighieri (1265–1321), poet

England 1995
  M R R
Hungary 198u
  M R
Germany 2013
  M R
DaPonte U  
USA 1991
  M T R