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Composers & compositions

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Duration in minutes: A 0–10 B 10–20 C 20–30 D 30–50 E 50–80 F 80–130 G 130+
Family name Given name Life dates Residence Began Notes  
Watstein Tema  
Webern Anton (von) 1883–1945
Austria 1883
  M P R
Weigel ext Eugene 1910–1998
USA 1910
  M R
Problems, questions

Further residences to be added

Weigl ext Karl 1881–1949
Austria 1881
USA 1938
  M R
Additional references

Karl Weigl papers at Yale University

Weiland U ext Douglas b. 1954
England 1954
  M P
Problems, questions

Further residences to be added

Weill U Kurt 1900–1950
Germany 1900
France 1933
USA 1935
  M P R
Weinberg A
Miecyzsław A
Poland 1919
Belarus 1939
Uzbekistan 1941
Russia 1943
  M P R
Weingartner A
von Weingartner
Felix 1863–1942
Dalmatia 1863
Austria 18uu
Germany 18uu
Austria 18uu
Switzerland 19uu
  M R
Problems, questions

Other residences TBA

Weinzweig U John 1913–2006
Canada 1913
USA 1937
Canada 1938
  M P
Weismann ext Julius 1879–1950
Germany 1879
Switzerland 1896
Germany 1898

The composer did not number his quartets.

Additional references

Falcke 1955

Weiss Charles b. 1928
USA 1928
  M R
Weiss U ext Elliott b. 1952
USA 1952
  M R
Additional references

Communication from Clyde Shaw, 2013-01-28

Weiss-Dumbert ext Erwin       M R
Problems, questions

Who is this person?

Additional references

2 scores in the State Library of Queensland; on covers: »Zu beziehen von J. Groppe, 8761 Bürgstadt, am Bischoff 22«

Weißensteiner ext Raimund 1905–1997
Austria 1905
  M P
Additional references

Wech 1975, 1992
Communication from the Österreichische Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musik, 2011-11-21 

Welcher U Dan b. 1948
USA 1948
  M P R
Welin Karl-Erik 1934–1992
Sweden 1934
  M P R
Wellesz U ext Egon 1885–1974
Austria 1885
England 1938
  M P R
Additional references

Benser 1985

Wennäkoski Lotta b. 1970
Finland 1970
Werder ext Felix 1922–2012
Germany 1922
Great Britain 1935
Australia 1940
  M P R
Additional references

Australian Music Centre Werder file, list from 1995

Communication from the composer, 2010-09-29; visit, 2010-12-17

Wernick Richard b. 1934
USA 1934
  M P R