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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Bentz D
Beatrice Violin I Bentz b. 1895 1925 ca. d. 1976
Benyounes Zara Violin I Benyounes   2007  
Berber Felix Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1871 1899 1903 d. 1930
Berescu Adrian Violin I Ad libitum b. 1969 1988 2011 d. 2011
Berg Bruce Violin I Madison    
Berg ext Bruce Violin I Ciompi   1984 1994  
Additional references

Albany TROY 073 [CD]

Berglund Lince Violin I [Unnamed] (BRAG)    
Berick Yehonatan Violin I [Unnamed] (BDAH)    
Bernède Jean-Claude Violin I Bernède b. 1935 1963 1991 d. 1991
Bernhard Philippe Violin I Modigliani   2003 2016  
Berofsky Aaron Violin I Chester   1992?  
Bessler Bernardo Violin I Bessler b. 1954  
Betti Adolfo Violin I Flonzaley b. 1875 1906 1929 d. 1950
Beznosiuk Pavlo Violin I [Unnamed] (BRWT)    
Biava Luis Violin I Philarte b. 1934 d. 2019
Bieler Ida Violin I Heine    
Bieler Ida Violin I Reynolda   2019  
Bik Annette Violin I Klangforum Wien b. 1962  
Bik Annette Violin I [Unnamed] (BSIR)    
Bingham Stephen Violin I Bingham