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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Hindemith Paul Violin II Rebner b. 1895 1919 d. 1963
Hindemith Paul Viola Rebner b. 1895 1919 1921 d. 1963
Hindemith Paul Viola Amar [1921] b. 1895 1921 1929 d. 1963
Hindemith Rudolf Cello [Unnamed] (HKGH) b. 1900 d. 1974
Hindemith Rudolf Cello Amar [1921] b. 1900 1921 1921 d. 1974
Hindemith Rudolf Cello Amar [1921] b. 1900 1924 1927 d. 1974
Hinnigan Anthony Cello Bălănescu    
Hinson Julie Violin II Faber    
Hirsch Leonard Violin I Hirsch b. 1902 d. 1995
Hirvikangas Matti Viola Avanti!    
Hirvikangas Matti Viola Jean Sibelius    
Hirvikangas Matti Viola [Unnamed] (EOHS)    
Hlaváček Libor Violin I Novák    
Hlůzě Jaroslav Viola Panocha   1968?  
Höbarth Erich Violin I Végh b. 1956 1978 1980  
Høeberg Ernst Cello Høeberg    
Høeberg Ernst Cello [Unnamed] (HSSH3)    
Hoebig Desmond Cello Csaba    
Hoebig Desmond Cello Orford b. 1961 1988 1991  
Hoebig Gwen Violin I [Unnamed] (HSSH2)