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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Anderson Elizabeth Cello Meliora    
Anderson James Cello Adrian Symphony    
Anderson Turck Denice Violin II Lexington    
Anderson-Frank Nathaniel Violin I Piatti   2013  
Andersson Börje Viola [Unnamed] (BRAG)    
Andersson Gert-Inge Viola Danish [1986]    
Andersson Per Arne Violin II [Unnamed] (HAPC)    
Andrássy Pál Violin II New Budapest    
Andreasson Gösta Violin II Busch b. 1894 1920 d. 1982
Andreoli Paolo Violin II Cremona    
Andriani Laura Violin I Alcan   2003  
Angervo Ari Violin II Voces Intimæ    
Angervo Ilari Viola New Helsinki    
Angervo Taija Violin II New Helsinki    
Anisimova D
Oksana D
Violin II Novosibirsk Filarmonica b. 1958 1991  
Ansell Gillian Viola New Zealand   1989  
Ansell Steven Viola Muir   1979  
Antal Jenő Violin II Róth b. 1900 d. 1981
Antón Luis Violin II National Chamber Music Association    
Antonello Stefano Violin II Paul Klee