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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
  M R
Armadillo U  
USA 1980
  M R R

Armida, by Franz Joseph Haydn

    M T R
Arneis U

Italian white wine grape

USA 2007
  M R
Aron U

Moses und Aron, by Arnold Schoenberg

Austria 1998
  M T R R
Arpeggione U

Organization of origin, Ensemble Arpeggione

France 1988
  M R
Art Vio  
  M R
Artemis U  
Germany (Federal Republic) 1989
  M R R
Arthur LeBlanc U H

Arthur LeBlanc (1906–85), violinist

Canada 1985
  M R
Artis (Vienna) U  
Austria 1980
  M T R R
Asasello U

The character Azazello, from The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov

Switzerland 2000
Germany 2007
  M R
Ascanio U  
Italy 2004
  M R

Klaus Assmann, founding 1st violinist

    M R
Astra Chamber Music Society U  
Australia 1951
  M R
Athena U

Ancient Greek goddess

Germany 1999
  M R
Atlantic H  
  M R R
Atlantic [1987] H

Region of origin

Canada 1987
  M R
Atlantic [1995]

Region of origin

USA 1995
Attacca U

Italian attacca

USA 2003
  M R R
Audubon U H

A school in Florida and public areas in Kentucky and Louisiana, all connected to the original members of the Quartet and to John Audubon (1785–1851), ornithologist and painter

USA 1974
2011 M T R R