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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  

City of origin

Belgium 1924
  M R
Ligeti U H

György Ligeti (1923–2006), composer

England 2010
  M T R
Limes Ensemble U

Latin limes

  M R
Lindsay H

Alexander Lindsay (1879–1952), philosophy professor

Great Britain 1966
2005 M T R R
Lithuanian State Philharmonic A
Lietuvos nacionalinės filharmonijos (kvartetas)
Lietuvos valstybinės filharmonijos (kvartetas)

Organization of origin

Lithuania 1945
1996 M T R
Lloyd Carr-Harris

Lloyd Carr-Harris, philanthropist

Canada 2002
  M R
England 197u?
  M R

Alfred Loewenguth (1911–83), founding 1st violinist

France 1929
  M R R
London H

City of origin

England 1908
1935 M R R
London Chamber Group

City of origin

England 1996?
  M R
Long Island U

Region of origin

USA 1992
  M R

(Presumably) Fernando Lopes-Graça (1906–94), composer

  M R
Lotus U  
Germany 1993
  M R
Ludwig U  
France 1985
  M T R R
  M R
Lutosławski U

Witold Lutosławski (1913–94), composer

Poland 2007
  M R
Lydian U  
USA 1980
  M T R R
Lyric       M R R
Lyris U  
USA 2008
  M R R
Lysell [1968] H

Bernt Lysell, founding 1st violinist ?

Sweden 1968