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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Enesco U A
Athenæum Enesco

George Enescu (Georges Enesco, 1881–1955), composer and violinist

France 1979
  M T R R

Later: Athenæum Enesco Quartet

Given name Family name   Start Stop    
VIOLIN I   Constantin Bogdănas   1979    
VIOLIN II   Florin Szigeti   1979    
VIOLA   Dan Iarca   1979 1980 d. 2002  
  Vladimir Mendelssohn   1980 1981    
  Liviu Stanese b. 1948 1981 1989    
  Dan Iarca   1989 2002 d. 2002  
  Vladimir Mendelssohn b. 1949 2002 d. 2021  
CELLO   Dorel Fodoreanu   1979