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Compositions by John Blackwood McEwen

19 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet [1891] 1891

In C minor

Quartet [1893a] 1893

In F minor

Quartet No. 1 1893

In F major

Quartet No. 2 1898 C–D


In A minor

Quartet No. 3 1901 B

In E minor

Quartet No. 4 1905 C


In C minor

Dedicated to / written for:

Rachel Henry Cheetham

Quartet No. 5

Nugæ; 7 Bagatelles


Boosey & Hawkes

Quartet No. 6


1913 B

Cary; Anglo-French Music Company; Oxford University Press

In A major; published as No. 8

Quartet No. 7


1916 B

Oxford University Press

In E-flat; published as No. 9

Dedicated to / written for:

F. D. d’A.

Quartet No. 8 1918 B  
Dedicated to / written for:

Philip L. Agnew

Quartet No. 9 1920


In B minor

Quartet No. 10

The Jocund Dance: 4 Trivial Tunes

Quartet No. 11 1921

Boosey & Hawkes

In E minor

Quartet No. 12

Suite of Old National Dances


Joseph Williams

Quartet No. 13 1928 C


In C minor

Quartet No. 14 1936

In D minor

Quartet No. 15

A Little Quartet “in modo scotico”

1936 B

Oxford University Press

Dedicated to / written for:

R. C. Wyse

Quartet No. 16

Quartette [sic] provençale

1936 C

In G major

Quartet No. 17


1947 B

In C-sharp minor; adaptation by the composer of his own music