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Compositions by Murray Schafer

14 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet No. 1 W. 26 1970 B Universal Edition  
Commissioned by: Purcell Quartet
Quartet No. 2


W. 40 1976 B Arcana Editions  
Beauty and the Beast W. 53 1979 C–D Arcana Editions

Text by Murray Schafer after Beauty and the Beast, by Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont

Includes: Mezzo-soprano or alto, and masks
Quartet No. 3 W. 57 1981 C

Arcana Editions

Includes: Staging
Commissioned by:

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Dedicated to / written for:

Orford Quartet

Quartet No. 4 W. 79 1989 B Arcana Editions  
Includes: Offstage violin and voice
Commissioned by: Purcell Quartet
Dedicated to / written for: bp nichol (m.)
Quartet No. 5


W. 80 1989 B Arcana Editions  
Includes: Crotales
Commissioned by: Stan Witkin; Music Toronto
Quartet No. 6

Parting Wild Horse’s Mane

W. 89 1993 B Arcana Editions

Revised in 1993

Includes: T’ai Chi master (optional)
Commissioned by: Michael Koerner; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Canada Council for the Arts
Quartet No. 7 W. 104 1998 C Arcana Editions

Text by an anonymous schizophrenic woman

Includes: Soprano, percussion, staging
Commissioned by: Molinari Quartet
Quartet No. 8 W. 110 2000 C

Arcana Editions

Revised in 2001

Includes: Recorded sound
Commissioned by:

Ellen Karp, Bill Johnston, Paul Karp-Johnston; Molinari Quartet

Quartet No. 9 W. 119 2004

Arcana Editions

Includes: Recorded sound
Commissioned by:

W. H. and S. E. Loewen Foundation; International New Music Festival (Winnipeg)

Quartet No. 10

Winter Birds

W. 121 2005 B

Arcana Editions

Includes: Speaker
Commissioned by:

Radio-France; Molinari Quartet

Quartet No. 11 W. 126 2006 B

Arcana Editions

Includes: Recorded Aeolian harp (optional)
Commissioned by:

Lafayette Quartet

Quartet No. 12 2012  
Commissioned by:

Phyllis Lambert; Molinari Quartet

Quartet No. 13

Alzheimer’s Masterpiece

2015 A  
Dedicated to / written for:

Molinari Quartet