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Compositions by Eero Hämeenniemi

5 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet No. 1 1989 B

Fazer; Fennica Gehrman

Commissioned by:

Kuhmon kamarimusiikkijuhlat (Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival); Finnish TV1

Largo 1990 A  
Music for Kahdeksas sinfonia

Music for The 8th Symphony

1994 C

Play by Harri Virtanen

Quartet No. 2 1994 B

Fennica Gehrman

Adaptation of the composer’s own music: “Background music (very minor extensions) [for Kahdeksas sinfonia] has been left out of the quartet.”

Additional references:

Communication from Eero Hämeenniemi, 2013-01-09

Quartet No. 3 2005 B  
Commissioned by:

Kerava Quartet

Dedicated to / written for:

Erkki Palola