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Compositions by George Tsontakis

9 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet No. 0 19uu  
Quartet No. 1

The Mother’s Hymn

1980 A  
Includes: Mezzo-soprano
Quartet No. 2


1983 C


Commissioned by:

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Quartet No. 3


1986 C


Commissioned by:

National Endowment for the Arts; Alard Quartet; Blair Quartet; Colorado Quartet

Quartet No. 4

Beneath thy Tenderness of Heart

1988 C


Commissioned by:

Chamber Music America; American Quartet

Quartet No. 5

In memoriam George Rochberg

Commissioned by:

Cypress Quartet

Dedicated to / written for:

George Rochberg (m.)

Quartet No. 6 201u  
Commissioned by:

Cypress Quartet

Quartet No. 7 2013?

Text by Herman Melville, Christina Rossetti, and Walt Whitman

Includes: Soprano
Commissioned by:

Chamber Music Monterey Bay: Arc of Life commission, part 3

Quartet No. 7.5


2015 B  
Commissioned by:

Maverick Concerts