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Compositions by Ernst Levy

8 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Musical Miniatures 1919 A  
Japanische Verszeilen

Japanese Verse Lines

1919 A

Text: haiku, translated version by Carl Seelig

Includes: High voice
Problems, questions:

At least one of the songs has in manuscript a date at the end in the 1920s.

Additional references:

Ernst Levy Collection [2013-11-19]

Quartet No. 1 1919 C

In E minor

Quartet No. 2 1921 C

In G minor

In statu nascendi

In a nascent state

1939 B  
Quartet No. 3 1958 C  
Quartet No. 4 1978 C  
Quartet No. 5 1978