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Compositions by George Enescu

15 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet 1893?

In C major; 1 movement; incomplete

Scherzo and Trio 1894 ca.

In C minor. Scherzo complete; trio incomplete.

Quartet 1894 ca.

In G minor; incomplete

Quartet 1894?

In D major; incomplete

Quartet Op. 12 1896

In C major; 1 movement, which is possibly all that was intended. In the later sequence of published opus numbers, 12 was assigned to two intermezzos for strings.

Quartet 1897 ca.

In C-sharp minor; incomplete

Quartet 1897 ca.

In F minor; incomplete

Quartet 1897

In A minor; possibly incomplete, the extant manuscript being so

Quartet 1898 ca.

In C major; incomplete

Quartet 1898 ca.

In D major; incomplete

Quartet 1898 ca.

In G-sharp minor; incomplete

Quartet 1898 ca.

In D-flat major; incomplete

Problems, questions:

The incipit in Firca 1985 is written in 6 flats.

Quartet 1906

Editura musicală

In C major; incomplete

Additional references:

Firca 1981

Quartet No. 1 Op. 22 No. 1 1920 D


In E-flat major; revised in 1949

Dedicated to / written for:

Flonzaley Quartet

Quartet No. 2 Op. 22 No. 2 1952 C

Salabert; Editura musicală

In G major. Although usually listed as completed in 1951, it underwent changes in 1952 (Cophignon 2006).

Commissioned by:

Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation

Dedicated to / written for:

Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge (m.)