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Compositions by Pascal Dusapin

6 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet No. 1 1983 B Salabert

Revised in 1996

Commissioned by: Festival Musica
Time Zones

Quartet No. 2

1990 D Salabert  
Commissioned by: Festival d’automne à Paris
Quartet No. 3 1993 B Salabert  
Commissioned by: The Louvre Museum
Quartet No. 4 1997 B


Commissioned by:


Dedicated to / written for:

Pražák Quartet; Georges Zeisel

Quartet No. 5 2005 B


Commissioned by:

Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ

Quartet No. 7

Open Time

2009 D Salabert