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Compositions by Joaquín Turina

4 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet No. 1

De la guitarra (The Guitar)

Op. 4 1910 C

Max Eschig

In D minor

Dedicated to / written for:

Joaquín Turina (m.) [composer’s father] and Concepción Pérez (m.) [composer’s mother]

The Prayer of the Bullfighter

La oración del torero [original title]

Op. 34 1925 A

Unión musical española

Adaptation by the composer of his own music

Serenata Op. 87 1935 A

Unión musical española

Dedicated to / written for:

Joaquín Turina [composer’s son]

Talia: Orange Trees and Olive Trees

Talia: Naranjos y olivos [original title]

Op. 93 No. 3 1942 A

Unión musical española

3rd movement, playable separately, of The Muses of Andalusia (Las musas de Andalucia), for soprano, piano, and string quartet

Dedicated to / written for:

Antonio de las Heras