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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Takács U H

Gábor Takács-Nagy (b. 1956), founding 1st violinist

Hungary 1975
USA 1986
  M T R R
Additional references

Communication from the Quartet, 2012-11-10

ext Given name Family name   Start Stop    
VIOLIN I   Gábor Takács-Nagy b. 1956 1975 1993    
  Edward Dusinberre b. 1968 1993    
VIOLIN II   Károly Schranz b. 1952 1975    
VIOLA   Gábor Ormai b. 1954 1975 1995 d. 1995  
Problems, questions

Some sources imply he was born in 1949 or 1950.

  Roger Tapping b. 1960 1995 2005    
  Geraldine Walther b. 1950 2005    
CELLO   András Fejér b. 1955 1975