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Compositions by Wilhelm Stenhammar

11 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet 1889

In A minor; 1 movement, lost

Quartet 1892

In G major; incomplete

Quartet No. 1 Op. 2 1894 D

Nordiska Musikförlaget

In C major

Quartet No. 2 Op. 14 1896 D

Edition Suecia

In C minor

Quartet [1897] 1897 C

In F minor; withdrawn in the composer’s lifetime

Quartet No. 3 Op. 18 1900 D

Nordiska Musikförlaget

In F major

Quartet No. 4 Op. 25 1909 D

Wilhelm Hansen

In A minor

Quartet No. 5


Op.29 1910 B

Gehrmans Musikförlag

In C major

[Dances] 1910

Mostly sketches; at least one is complete.

Quartet No. 6 Op.35 1916 C

Musikaliska Konstföreningen

In D minor

Elegy and Intermezzo Op. 39 1919? A

From incidental music to Lodolezzi sjunger (Lodolezzi Sings)