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Compositions by William Bolcom

15 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet No. 1 1950

Not performed

Quartet No. 2 1950  
Quartet [195u] 195u

In B minor

Quartet No. 3 1954

Not performed

Quartet No. 3a 1955 ca.

In B minor; not performed

Problems, questions:

The composer indicates this quartet was written in “1954 or 55?”

Quartet No. 4 1956

Revised in 1958; not performed

Quartet No. 5 1957 A  
Dedicated to / written for: Peter Marsh and his quartet
Quartet No. 6 1959

Not performed

Dedicated to / written for: Forrest Miller and the Young Artists of Aspen
Quartet No. 7 1962 B  
Dedicated to / written for: Bertha Poncy Jacobson
Quartet No. 8 1965 B

Edward B. Marks


Quartet No. 9

1972 C  
Commissioned by: Nonesuch Records
Dedicated to / written for: Concord Quartet; Darius Milhaud
Quartet No. 10 1988 C

Edward B. Marks

Commissioned by:

Stanford Quartet

Dedicated to / written for:

Stanford Quartet; Stanford University; Leland Smith

3 Rags 1989 B  
Quartet No. 11 2002

Edward B. Marks

Commissioned by:

Mendelssohn Quartet; North Carolina School of the Arts

Billy in the Darbies 2010

Text by Herman Melville

Includes: Baritone