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Compositions by Linda Catlin Smith

7 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  

Quartet No. 1

1980 A  
As You Pass a Reflective Surface

Quartet No. 2

1991 A  
Dedicated to / written for: Richard Sacks

Quartet No. 3

1999 C  

Quartet No. 4

2007 B  
Commissioned by: Del Sol Quartet; Canada Council for the Arts
Quartet No. 5


2008 A  
Commissioned by:

Quiring Music Camp

Dedicated to / written for:

Miriam Chiaromonte (m.)

Giraffe 2010 A  
Commissioned by:

SuperNova Quartet

Quartet No. 6 2013 B  
Dedicated to / written for:

Penderecki Quartet