Pro Arte 2

An entry written by Darius Milhaud in a small notebook of Germain Prévost.


You are, my dear Pro Arte, the only friends, the only quartet, to have really played my quartets…and every time I write one, I’d love to entrust you with the first performance. Milhaud Brussels March 13, 1923 (1st performance of the 6th Quartet)


Milhaud was to see his wish fulfilled with his 7th, 8th, and 9th Quartets.


On the facing page are lines he added from the beginning of each of his quartets up to 1923, except the 3rd, which at that point and for a few more decades he did not want performed in his lifetime. (By permission of Mills Music Library, University of Wisconsin at Madison; and Daniel Milhaud. Photo by Paul Rapoport)